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Greece: warehouse for sale commercial property for sale in greece - aerial view of the real estate property for sale

Greece: warehouse for sale commercial property for sale in greece – aerial view of the real estate property for sale

Property DetailsWarehouse for sale in greece buy commercial property in Greece - photo of the property

On sale: 1 Commercial property for sale in Greece – 1 Warehouse for sale in Greece. Property Location: The property is located in Kantza , Greece. Type of property: Commercial Property, Food Warehouse, Cold Stores and Offices.

Location of the Property

The property is located in Kantza Pallinis, Michalinos neighbourhood (off urban plan but in an advanced stage of inclusion in the urban planning), between Lavriou Avenue (at 120 m) and exit 17 (Kantza) of Attiki Odos.

Property dimensions and Details

The land area is 15.891 sqm and bordered to the West and North by the extension of Manis Road, East to the property NetMed (Nova-Forthnet) and South with clothing warehouse property Vardas. On the land, there is a metal construction storage area covering 2513 sqm (50x50m) and headroom of 8.5 m which was constructed in the year 2000. It also contains an old house covering 162 sqm presently not used. The warehouse includes refrigerated rooms with 3 temperatures (freezer, chiller, chocolate), a large dry storage area and loading/unloading facilities (refrigerated and dry loading areas with 6 electric doors and 4 mechanical ramps) and offices. All storage areas are equipped with pallet storage racks, three levels (height) and a total capacity of 1946 pallets Euro (up to 2.20 m height). The building has EU Operation Licence as Food Warehouse and Cold Stores with modern European standards. The ground floor offices and ancillary rooms warehouse (men and women locker rooms, kitchen, toilets, offices motion etc) occupy 162 sqm Above the offices of the ground floor and cargo space there are offices on the first floor with independent entrance and elevator occupying 322 sqm The metal building is equipped with a 150 kva generator and pump fire extinguishing water tank 350m3. It also has a surveillance system with security cameras, and a wireless installation for bar code scanning.

Property Photovoltaic Electricity generation system

In January 2013 a Photovoltaic Electricity generation system was installed on the roof (2500 sqm) with a production peak capacity of 325 KWp. The electricity produced is sold to the net yielding about €120.000 per year (including VAT 13%). The contract with the electricity company LAGIE lasts until July 2027.

Property Strategic Location

Strategic location – Easy access to Attiki Odos – Near the Airport – Safe Area – Clean – Fully equipped – increasing value due to the urban planning development in process On the access map the pink line shows the opening of the Manis Road foreseen in the urban planning.

Property Price

The property is offered for sale at 3,2 mill Euro.The warehouse and offices may remain rented by the present owners at Euro 10.000 per month which together with the photovoltaic electricity production sums a total of 240.000 Euro yield per year, representing 7,2% of the property’s value.

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